Siemens UG-NX 8.5 training imparts the skills required for improving the efficiency and speed throughout the product development. Participants learn how to create conceptual designs; perform 3D modeling; and accomplish documentation. This Product Life cycle Management (PLM) training builds proficiency in developing part manufacturing solutions for quality inspection, machining and tooling. Unigraphics Nx is an industry top-rated CAD application software used worldwide. It is advanced software that addresses the entire product development process from conceptual design to product modeling, analysis, and manufacturing. It gives proper dimensions to analyze and simulate the problem in a short time. This software helps in evaluating complex problems easily.Unigraphics is parametric modeling software comparatively better in Assembling and curve projections above cylindrical like tire mold industries and mold base etc. It also has a feature of synchronous modeling where you can edit files of other 3D design software such as solid works, Creo, etc. Unigraphics found its implementation in automotive companies such as Daimler Mercedes, Nissan, Fiat, Chrysler, Mazda, Suzuki, and General Motors as it gives an actual image of a product before it is actually made.
1. Overview
2. Getting Started
3. The NX User Interface
4. Coordinate Systems
5. Introduction to Solid Modelling
6. Positional Form Features
7. Expressions
8. Shell
9. Edge Operations
10. Model Construction Query
11. Introduction to Assemblies
12. Adding Components & Mating Conditions
13. Datum Features
14. Sketching
15. Swept Features and Boolean Operations
16. Editing the Model
17. Instance Arrays
18. The Master Model
19. Introduction to Drafting
20. Expression Operators
21. Point Constructor Options
22. Customer Defaults

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