Solid works are the best CAD modelling software that enables us to draw 2D and 3D designs in a simple way. It provides all the helping data to the engineers and supports them by increasing their productivity. It is most friendly and easy to use the software when compared to other CAD software.
The main advantages of a solid modeler are better design visualization, design better products, faster and error-free designs, improved communications, etc. Though there are many other CAD software that exists for designing 2D and 3D models solid works are preferred by various industries as it is an industry favorite. It consists of a larger user similar to that of Auto CAD. Solid works are used in almost all professional industries and hobbyist lobbies such as the Fashion and Sports industry, Automobile industry, Face exploration industry, design industry, etc for the development of their products. It provides a set of tools for extensive customization of a working environment for the projects.Solid works often used by Life science experts for the number of projects and to develop devices when medical engineers are faced with a time of the critical situation.

• Introduction to Solid Works 2017
• Drawing sketches for solid models
• Editing and modifying sketches
• Adding relations and dimensions to sketches
• Advanced dimensioning techniques and base feature options
• Creating reference geometries
• Advanced modelling tools-I
• Advanced modelling tools-II
• Editing features
• Advanced modelling tools-III
• Advanced modelling tools-IV
• Assembly modelling-I
• Assembly modelling-II
• Working with drawing views-I
• Working with drawing views-II
• Equations, configurations, and library features
• Working with blocks
• Sheet metal design
• Surface modelling

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