Bhushan Cadd Technologies was founded in 2014 to provide design and fabrication services for industrial automation clients in India and all overseas. The principals bring over 3 years of combined product, machine design and manufacturing experience to Frisella Design clients. We provide CAD and 3D modeling services on all the leading CAD software such as CATIA and many more. 
Our services
o Machine design and Factory automation
o Hydraulic Power System
o Production Machinery
o Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for large fabrication
o Design of large structures as per standards and codes like ASME
o CFD and thermal flow simulation
o Mechanism design and motion studies
o Electromechanical machinery
Our Projects
o Design and validation of Vacuum vessel as per SDC-IC and ASME standards
o Process conveyer of machine design as EN standard
o Electrical panel design
o Stack structure design as per EN Standards
o Medical trolley design
Best Machine Design Service Provider in Hyderabad.
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