Hypermesh training course enables participants to work on Hypermesh 12.0 software, a computer aided engineering (CAE) simulations software platform. The training enables the trainees to create finite element models for analysis and prepare high-quality meshes in an efficient manner. This program offers the skills needed to work with geometry editing tools for preparing CAD models for the meshing process. During the Hypermesh training, the attendees will have knowledge about the BatchMeshing technique that facilitates users to mesh several files in the background to match the standards set by users.
• Introduction to Hypermesh
• Tool Bar and Menu Bar
• Open and save the file
• FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
• Strategic Planning
• The Art of Modeling
• Analysis Types
• Basic interaction with HyperMesh
• Shell meshing
• Preparing models for analysis
• Preparing geometry for meshing
• Creating hexa and penta mesh
• Tetra meshing
• Assemblies: welding and swapping parts
• Topology& Topography
• Size and shape optimization concepts
• Pre-processing using HyperMesh
• Linear static and normal mode anlysis
• Results visualization with HyperMesh
• Topology optimization
• Manufacturing constraints
• Combined Topology and Topography optimization
• Geometric Data Generation
• Shape Generation HyperMesh
• 2D and 3D shape optimization
• 1D and 2D size optimization
• Model clean up
• Meshing
• Static analysis
• Thermal analysis
• Optimization

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