PRO-E CREO is a 3D modeling software that is used to design, manufacture and CAD draft in mechanical engineering for optimizing the development of the product with its stated parameters, dimensions, and features. It provides various options for the engineers to use in each step of the designing process in order to offer a more efficient design experience compared to other modeling software.
It offers tools for all phases of development for improving productivity from the beginning stages to the stage of hands-on creation and manufacturing where changes can be made in other parts of the process also. It is one of the cost-effective designing software as the development process is shortened for a new product because of its generation of associative manufacturing and service deliverables.A mechanical engineer can model any object surrounded by various tools and advance facilities for simulation and analysis. Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) is a company that markets PRO-E offers comprehensive training on usage of this software both online as well as in-person.

Course Curriculum
• Introduction & Understanding to Pro-E Parametric Concepts
• Using Pro-E Parametric Interface
• Selecting & Editing of Geometry, Features, Models
• Creating Sketcher Geometry & Using Sketcher Tools
• Using Sketches & Datum Features
• Creating Extrudes & Revolves
• Creating Holes, Shells, Draft & Patterns
• Creating Rounds, Chamfers
• Creating Sweeps and Blends
• Sweeps with Variable Sections
• Helical Sweeps & Swept Blends
• Relations, Parameters & Family Tables
• Groups, Copy, Mirror & UDF’s
• Measuring, Inspecting Models
• Family Tables
• Assembling with Constraints
• Exploding, Replacing Components, Cross-Sections in Assemblies
• Component Interfaces
• Creating and Using Assembly Structure and Skeletons
• Sheet metal Design Process & Fundamentals
• Creating Primary & Secondary Sheet metal Wall Features
• Bending, Unbending & Modifying Sheet metal Models
• Introduction, Creating New Drawings & Drawing Views
• Adding Model Details &Tolerance Information to Drawings
• Adding Notes, Symbols, Tables, Balloons & Layers in Drawings
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