AutoCAD Mechanical training course imparts drawing skills to professionals of all levelsranging beginner to experts. The training commences with the basic commandsnecessary for professional 2D drawing, design, and drafting using AutoCAD software from Autodesk. The learning curve expands by exploring the tools and techniques for drawing, dimensioning, and printing. The participants learn how to reuse and modify the existing.The training prepares the candidates to appear for the AutoCAD Associate Certification and the AutoCAD Professional Certification. The candidates must clear the associate level certification for being professional certified

1. Taking the AutoCAD Tour
• Navigating the Working
• Environment
• Working with Files
• Displaying Objects

2. Creating Basic Drawings
• Inputting Data
• Creating Basic Objects
•Using Object Snaps & Object Snap Tracking
• Using Polar Tracking & Polar Snap
• Working with Units
• Using Function Keys

3. Manipulating Objects
• Selecting Objects in the Drawing
• Changing an Object’s Position
• Creating New Objects from Existing Objects
• Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position
• Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects
• Creating Object Patterns
• Changing an Object’s Size

4. Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
• Using Layers
• Changing Object Properties
• Matching Object Properties
• Using the Properties Palette
• Using Line types
• Using Inquiry Commands

5 Altering Objects
• Define Boundaries through Trimming and Extending Objects
• Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry
• Joining Objects
• Breaking an Object into Two Objects
• Applying a Radius and Angled Corner to Two Objects
• Changing Part of an Object’s Shape

6. Annotating Drawings
• Creating Multiline Text
• Creating Single Line Text
• Using Text Styles
• Editing Text

7. Hatching Objects
• Hatching Objects
• Editing Hatch Objects

8. Dimensioning
• Creating Dimensions
• Using Dimension Styles
• Editing Dimensions

9. Working with Reusable Content
• Using Blocks
• Working with Design Center™
• Using Tool Palettes

10. Creating Additional Drawing Objects
• Working with Polylines
• Creating Splines
• Creating Ellipses
• Using Tables

11. Layouts and Plotting
• Using Layouts
• Using Page Setups
• Using Viewports
• Plotting Drawings

12. Template Drawing Creation
• Using Drawing Templates

AutoCAD Advanced
1. Drawing Objects
• Multilines
• Revision Clouds
• Wipeouts
• Boundaries
• Regions

2. Manipulating Objects and Data
• Using Quick Select
• Purging Objects
• Point Objects
• Dividing and Measuring Objects
• Geometry Calculator

3. Template Drawing Creation
• Using Drawing Templates

4. Dimensioning and Annotation
• Introduction to Annotation Scaling
• Controlling Annotation Scale
• Using Multileaders&Center Marks
• Ordinate Dimensions
• Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances
• Dimension Styles and Overrides

5. Reusable Content
• Using Design Center
• Creating Custom Tool Palettes
• Managing and Sharing Tool Palettes
• Using External References
• Importing Other File types

6. Working with Blocks and Attributes
• Creating Blocks with Attributes
• Edit and Extract Attributes

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